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Sigma Squared Solutions are proud to be working in partnership with BP Agnati – one of the worlds leading Corrugator manufacturers.

Starting from June 2009, AGNATI, under the name of BP AGNATI, became part of the BRIVIO PIERINO GROUP. Since the 50’s, the BRIVIO PIERINO GROUP have been using the latest technologies to manufacture parts and pieces of industrial machines.

BP Agnati can offer every part of the complete Corrugator line. Their latest designed Corrugator, The Quantum which can be ran with only two operators is only 45 – 50 metres in complete length depending on the stacker. Also see their new single facer the Vantage SF and the newly designed double backer Vantage DF. Agnati build Corrugators with a working width of 1.8 metres up to 2.8 metres and with a maximum production speed of 400 metres per minute.

For more information on BP Agnati go to www.bpagnati.com

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